CCS Concrete Driveways is committed to managing building projects on all levels. In addition to handling preparation and building and repairing concrete driveways, parking lots, patios, etc., we are also highly experienced in construction management. Builders, homeowners, realtors, and businesses rely on us to manage entire construction projects, of any scope, complete with full guidance and accountability.

What Is Construction Management?

We work on behalf of the property owner to complete small- and large-scale projects on time and on budget. The construction process has become only more advanced and complex. Technology, materials, and engineering are factors not many property owners have kept up with. Fortunately, our team is familiar with the latest design techniques, building materials, and technological advances, not to mention the most current government worker on his job

Our construction managers work as a team, so all aspects of every project are fully coordinated to meet the requirements of the property owner. It is our goal to ensure the customer gets the best value for the cost, so the project meets all their expectations and beyond. We believe this is the true goal of construction management—to lead and provide the best quality planning, design, and construction from start to finish.

Scope of Construction Management Work

We offer a two-phased approach to each project. This enables our managers to provide the client with the most comprehensive service possible, covering all aspects of their project. To accomplish that goal, we divide our services into these phases:

  • Planning, Design & Pre-Construction: This is where the scope and budget materialize. We define these elements, and then determine the best approach to the project. Analyzing the initial scope and alternatives, we consider design, space utilization, structural integrity, mechanical systems, and energy efficiency. We work in conjunction with the architect/engineer to establish project criteria, conduct a value/cost analysis, and complete cost estimates and procedure development. The owner is also provided with advice on construction methods, materials, and structural elements.
  • Construction & Delivery: Construction work proceeds per agreed upon parameters, including specifications and budget, while our construction manager directly serves the owner and architect/engineer, coordinating all construction activities. We are responsible for all administration, supervision, scheduling, and cost accounting tasks. Status reports covering cost/budget, progress vs. schedule, quality reviews, and change orders are generated regularly. Throughout the process, we arrange for government inspections and adhere to all industry-standard safety requirements.

Benefits of Construction Management Services

The owner benefits from our expertise because we take over early in the design process, which yields scheduling and cost efficiency. We implement a phased construction approach to remain organized and efficient while guaranteeing a level of quality that exceeds expectations. Each project is executed according to the owner’s needs and goals. From pre-construction to site management, supervision, document management, and logistics, our team is always on point and in control.

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