Our Concrete Services

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Cross Construction Services provides expert concrete driveway installation and repair services in Houston, Texas. Our team delivers durable, high-quality driveways, designed to enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your property.

Cross Construction Services brings expertise to the design and construction of patios and pergolas in Houston, Texas. Our services cater to enhancing outdoor living spaces with beautiful, custom-designed patios and stylish pergolas that provide shade and aesthetic appeal.

Sidewalk Paving

Cross Construction Services specializes in sidewalk repair and paving, ensuring durable, smooth, and accessible pathways for residential and commercial properties throughout Houston, Texas from removing damaged sections to installing high-quality materials, enhancing curb appeal and ensuring safety compliance.

Cross Construction Services offers a comprehensive range of commercial concrete services in Houston, Texas, designed to meet the diverse needs of any business.

Parking Lot Paving​​

Cross Construction Services excels in commercial parking lot paving, providing top-quality solutions for businesses throughout Houston, Texas.

Whether it’s Residential or Commercial Concrete services, Cross Construction Services is a one-stop solution. Any size projects we can meet.

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