Houston Concrete Contractors for Driveway Installation, Repair, and Leveling

As one of the most dependable concrete companies in Houston, Texas, commercial clients can rely on us to install and maintain their concrete driveways. The state of your concrete driveway says a lot about the construction of your property. Our high quality and pride in our work have convinced property owners throughout the area to keep calling on us.

Commercial Concrete Driveways in Houston

Is Concrete the Best Choice?

Concrete is a highly versatile material. By comparison, pavers are more expensive, while the cement, sand, and crushed rock mixture of concrete provides durability over time, often for 25 years or more. Although costlier than gravel or asphalt, concrete needs little maintenance and can be repaired using a variety of methods.

In addition to properly installing your commercial concrete driveway, our commercial concrete contractors in Houston, TX can fix any gaps, cracks, unevenness, and discoloration using the latest and most proven techniques. We can fix subgrade issues and mitigate any safety hazards. Ensuring your driveway remains functional, our repair service professionals can address any problem quickly and effectively.

Commercial Concrete Installation
Concrete driveway installation is a multi-step process. It first requires adequately preparing the site for the project, so our team implements a range of services, including:

  • Removing grass and vegetation on the site, so the soil foundation is stabilized.
  • Adjusting elevations so the driveway is level and drainage is adequate.
  • Installation of framing materials, including steel rebar and treated wood expansion joints.
  • Pouring of 3,000 psi concrete over the framing, meeting proper spacing and sizing requirements.

Our team works very carefully to ensure the subgrade soil is level, to prevent settling and uneven surfaces as best as possible. Gravel or crushed rock are used to fill soft areas. These materials are compacted before the concrete is mixed and poured.

Commercial Concrete Repairs

We offer 24/7 driveway repair in Houston. Whether the concrete needs to be resurfaced, or cracks can be covered by engraving patterns into the existing surface, our team can do the job. Polyurethane sealants are used to protect the material, but we can use polymer-based cement resurfacers as well. We fix stained, cracked, or crumbled concrete and can address issues related to plumbing, draining, joints, retaining walls, and hand railings.

Commercial Concrete Driveway Leveling

Sunken concrete is a sign of subgrade hazards. We’ll conduct an assessment and address all safety hazards prior to correcting the issues with your driveway. Also, we can raise concrete segments where necessary and can provide stripping, reinforcement, and seal coating wherever these services benefit our customers and their commercial property.

Call CCS Concrete Driveways for Houston Driveway Repair

Our Houston concrete contractors are professional and punctual. Equipped with the proper tools, skills, and experience, they can complete repairs or sweeping remodeling projects while getting the job done right, the first time. Plus, our business has provided concrete repair services for over 30 years and has an A rating with the BBB. For 24/7 service and free quotes, submit a web form, email info@ccsconcretedriveways.com, or call us at 713-254-1703 today!