A happy homeowner in front of a beautifully renovated house, holding a voucher and a check, symbolizing the benefits of the Great Homes Update Program.

Sugar Land Texas Great Homes Design Program

Reopening Date and Application Information The Great Homes Update Program will reopen for new applications on February 1, 2024. You can find the application form at the bottom of this page.

Design Vouchers Available Home design vouchers are still available through the Great Homes Design Program. For more details, please visit the Design Program webpage. You can also earn an additional 2% reimbursement incentive from the Update Program if you implement an element from a design received through the Design Program.

About the Program

The Great Homes Update Program is an incentive initiative for eligible homeowners to receive reimbursement for projects that rehabilitate, enhance, or refurbish the exterior of their residential properties within the Sugar Land city limits. Download the PDF.

Incentive Information

  • Matching Reimbursement Grant Funds: Up to 10% or 25% of the project cost, with a maximum of $10,000.
  • Additional 2% Reimbursement: Granted if:
    • An exterior home design is obtained through the Great Homes Design Program.
    • The scope of work aligns with the design.
    • Substantial completion of at least one design aspect is demonstrated (excluding landscaping).

Note: All income received through Great Homes may be considered taxable income and must be reported to the IRS.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Projects

  • Minimum total project cost:
    • 25% reimbursement: $4,000 minimum.
    • 10% reimbursement: $8,000 minimum.
  • Projects must adhere to deed restrictions and obtain necessary permits.

Eligible projects include:

  • Exterior painting
  • New or replacement exterior siding
  • Garage or front door replacement
  • Driveway or front path replacement
  • Fence replacement (must front on the street)
  • Roof replacement (must be paired with another qualifying project)
  • Window replacement (only 50% of cost counts)
  • Gutter replacement (must be paired with another project)
  • Front patio addition/expansion
  • Exterior accent lighting installation
  • Landscaping (must be paired with another project)
  • Other projects enhancing exterior aesthetics

Home Eligibility Requirements

  • Single-family homes within Sugar Land city limits.
  • Must be current on taxes and possess homeowner’s insurance.

10% Reimbursement Eligibility

  • Must meet home eligibility requirements.

25% Reimbursement Eligibility

  • Single-family homes constructed in 1993 or earlier.
  • Market value under $395,855.
  • Must meet home eligibility requirements.

Ineligible Projects

The following will not be eligible or reimbursed:

  • Projects started before approval.
  • Interior home projects.
  • Pools, hot tubs, spas, water features.
  • Detached structures, back patios, carports.
  • HOA/POA responsibilities.
  • Insurance claim projects.
  • Permitting fees and sales tax.

Application and Reimbursement Process

Application Process Applications are accepted online only. Required documentation includes:

  • Completed W9 Form
  • Proof of market value and build date
  • Proof of current taxes and insurance
  • Photos of existing conditions
  • Project documents and scope
  • Lead-based paint disclosure

Reimbursement Process Applicants must complete improvements and submit a reimbursement package within three months of agreement execution. Required documentation includes:

  • Copies of required permits
  • Proof of payment to contractors
  • Letter warranting project completion
  • Photos of completed improvements

Great Homes Design Program

The Great Homes Design Program offers creative exterior home designs at a discount for Sugar Land homeowners. A $500 rebate is available for those who implement a qualifying improvement within six months.

Voucher Information Homeowners and community organizations can receive vouchers for discounted design services from Brick & Batten or Dzinly.

Rebate Information A $500 rebate is available for implementing a design improvement. The rebate application requires:

  • Completed rebate application
  • Copy of completed design
  • Proof of project completion
  • Letter warranting the improvements

Property Eligibility for Design Program

  • Single-family homes within city limits.
  • Must be current on taxes and insurance.

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