Why use concrete flooring?

Concrete is a great material to use for flooring because it is more versatile than other types of flooring solutions and provides the following benefits:

Easy to Install – Concrete is easy to work with when poured and can be smoothed into a flat even surface. Once the concrete hardens, it provides a solid finish.

Durable – Whether you have high foot traffic or are driving forklifts or vehicles over concrete, it can withstand this type of use and still look great.

Lasts a Long Time – Commercial concrete flooring will outlast and outperform other types of flooring. With proper maintenance, a concrete floor could easily last several decades.

Good for the Environment – Concrete is eco-friendly because it is made using easily obtainable and renewable resources. In addition, old concrete can be recycled and reused to make new concrete.

Easy Maintenance – Maintaining sealed concrete does not require much work. It is easy to buff out scuffs from tires or shoes by polishing the concrete floor. Depending on the commercial setting, concrete can be swept or mopped to remove dust and dirt.

Flexibility – You do have some flexibility with concrete floors. For example, you can choose from different sealants to give the finished concrete flooring a glossy or matte look.

Cost-Effective and Affordable – Unlike other options, concrete flooring provides a cost-effective and affordable solution.

Easy to Repair – If concrete gets damaged with cracks and chips, it is easy to repair by filling the damaged areas with new concrete or resurfacing the entire floor if the damage is more widespread.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Concrete Flooring

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores experience high traffic and require durable flooring. Concrete flooring can handle any amount of foot traffic. You can alter the shininess of the floor to fit your needs while still having a modern and attractive floor.


It is much easier to keep concrete floors clean and sanitized compared to carpeting, tile, laminate, or hardwood floors. Concrete flooring is the perfect option for the front or back of the house.

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Coffee Shops

Concrete is the perfect solution for coffee shops as well, as they experience high foot traffic. It can be used indoors and outdoors if you have an outdoor patio or sitting area. Then, when accidents happen, you do not have to worry about the coffee or tea staining your flooring.

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Retail Stores

Using concrete flooring in retail stores provides a cost-efficient solution for customer traffic. Cleaning times will be much faster and easier compared to other flooring types. Plus, you can differentiate your business from others and stand out by using concrete.

Fitness Centers/Gyms/Spas

Health and wellness businesses must ensure their flooring can handle foot traffic and wear and tear. They also need a solution that is easy to clean and sanitize. Additionally, they need flooring that can withstand the weight of fitness and spa equipment. Fortunately for these businesses, concrete is the ideal solution.

Art Galleries

Art galleries want to direct customers’ attention to their art displays, not the flooring. Therefore, installing concrete flooring is the easiest way to ensure people are focused on the art.

Hair Salons/Barber Shops

In these types of businesses, hair will get on your flooring. The last thing you want to worry about is having to run a vacuum to sweep hair up out of carpeting or trying to get it out from in between cracks and crevices on laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring. Plus, concrete makes it easy to clean in between clients.

Car Dealership Showrooms

Car dealerships already use concrete in their service centers, so why not also use it in the showroom? Showrooms need flooring that can stand up to the weight of vehicles being driven over them. No other flooring can easily meet this requirement but concrete.

Commercial Concrete Flooring Solutions in Houston, TX

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