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Receive Quality Construction Management on Demand

Receive Quality Construction Management on Demand

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management can seem like an overwhelmingly broad term at first glance. We’re here to provide you with clarity on what construction management really means.

Here’s a list of a construction project’s core elements:

  • Work schedule
  • Safety protocols
  • Quality
  • Scope
  • Function

A professional construction management services will effectively manage the above list for project owners. Quality construction management should offer project owners a high level of flexibility that’s adaptable to all project delivery methods. The end goal of construction management services is to provide project owners with quality on-time deliverables that register at or below the project owner’s budget.

What is construction management?

Construction management staff can provide on-time deliverables by using their experience and education to detail a timeline of construction operations.

The work sequence that construction managers outline includes a:

  • Detailed budget
  • In-depth schedule
  • Project safety and security plan
  • Owner risk mitigation strategies

Cross Construction Services is proud to offer our experienced construction management services to project owners in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Let’s dive into what our professional construction management services can do for you on a day-to-day basis.

What is construction management?

The Day-to-Day Nature of Professional Construction Management

We’ve begun outlining construction management’s ability to provide comprehensive oversight on a project. Now we’re going to lay out what this oversight looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Phase One of Cross Construction Services’ Construction Management

We’ll begin by sitting down with a project owner to hear more details regarding his or her project. This initial listening phase serves two crucial functions. The first function is to adequately understand a project owner’s desired objective.

Comprehending a project owner’s planned outcome will foster proper communication with separate project-related entities down the line. The formulation of a strategic plan will soon follow this initial conversation.

The strategic plan we’re referring to is a roadmap that includes fundamental project elements like the project’s start and end dates and the project’s budget. This planning, design, and pre-construction phase allows the project’s scope and budget to come to fruition. We closely define these three elements to outline our best approach to the project.

Cross Construction Services considers the following elements while analyzing the project’s initial scope and alternatives:

  • Design
  • Space utilization
  • Structural integrity
  • Mechanical systems
  • Energy efficiency

A project’s design comes after the formation of a strategic plan.

Phase one of cross construction services’ construction management

Getting a project’s design on paper involves construction management gathering design, architectural, and engineering teams. Cross Construction Services will gather necessary entitlements and permits during the design planning phase. Hiring professional construction management to handle proper entitlements and permitting will save you a significant amount of time.

Our close work with the project’s architect/engineer allows us to:

  • Establish project criteria
  • Conduct a detailed cost/value analysis
  • Finish cost estimates and procedure development

Project owners can expect to receive advice on construction materials, methods, and structural elements during our first construction management phase.

General contractors come into play after permitting and entitlements are squared away. Construction managers accept project bids from general contractors and work with said general contractors to secure subcontractor bids. Subcontractors enter the picture when the need for specialty work arises.

Phase one of cross construction services’ construction management

Phase Two of Cross Construction Services’ Construction Management

The above steps lead to the start of the actual construction process. Construction work will not begin without an agreement on project parameters like specifications and the budget. Cross Construction Services will work under the project owner and architect/engineer to coordinate all construction activities.

These specific coordination tasks include:

  • Contract administration
  • Supervision
  • Scheduling
  • Cost accounting

We work hard to mitigate common construction operation risks. Our construction risk mitigation strategies include:

  • Establishing expectations with ground crews
  • Properly staging construction supplies and equipment
  • Identifying potential areas that might cause future delays
  • And more

Cross Construction Services’ Start-to-Finish Management Support

Cross Construction Service’s 30-plus years’ worth of experience can help project owners identify and reduce areas of their project prone to risk. Our extensive construction management knowledge allows us to value and understand every aspect of your project. You can expect Cross Construction Services to regularly inspect your job site to ensure that current construction efforts line up with your projections.

We’ll provide you with project status reports that consistently keep you in the loop. Cross Construction status reports communicate vital information like covering cost/budget, progress vs. schedule, quality reviews, and change orders. Our construction management services will regularly schedule government inspections while adhering to every industry-standard safety requirement.

Streamline Your Project with Cross Construction Services

Are you looking for construction management companies in Houston, TX? Efficient construction management begins with a phone call to Cross Construction Services. We work to get involved early in your project’s design process so you can enjoy ideal scheduling and budgeting results. Our approach is defined by a two-phased plan that translates to high levels of project efficiency and organization.

Make a commitment to quality construction management by contacting Cross Construction Services today at 713-254-1703.