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Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete Parking Lot Installation and Repair in Houston, TX

Owners of apartment complexes, commercial businesses, shopping malls, and other properties in the Houston area depend on us for professional parking lot installation and repair services. We are one of the most capable and experienced concrete companies in Houston. From free estimates to dependable, HOA-compliant installations, to concrete parking lot repair services, CCS is a contractor you can rely on for all-in-one service.

Concrete and Parking Lots – A Perfect Match

Paving a parking lot is a tall order. It requires more effort and investment than a sidewalk, so you want a material that will last for years—even decades. Concrete is the answer. Compared to asphalt, it lasts much longer and requires little maintenance. A mix of cement and aggregate, it cures into a hard material that can take the abuse of people, vehicles, and weather.

Concrete is, therefore, the most economical and durable choice for any parking lot.

The perks don’t end there. Concrete is an aesthetic, clean-looking material. It can be customized to a client’s needs, with stampings and even colors added. Houston concrete contractors can install a parking lot that’s suited for small store or large venue parking.

Concrete and parking lots – a perfect match

Concrete Parking Lot Repair and Other Services

  • Installation: Our team installs parking lots according to clients’ specifications, thanks to extensive training and experience and top-of-the-line equipment.
  • Repair: Concrete can develop cracks, potholes, gaps, discolorations, and unevenness over time, but, with our concrete repair, Houston, TX customers have their parking lots restored to like new.
  • Stripping: We treat concrete surfaces to meet clients’ specifications and conduct repairs, which enables us to provide the most thorough service possible.
  • Sealcoating: A durable sealant protects the concrete surface from the elements, extending longevity and making it even more resistant to abuse.
  • Assessment: Our team will provide an objective assessment to evaluate your concrete and complete leveling checks, subgrade assessments, and safety hazard evaluations to determine the best course of parking lot repair.
Concrete parking lot repair and other services

The Best Commercial Concrete Contractors in Houston, TX

Cross Construction Services is a Houston concrete company experienced in many types of projects. Our technicians are trained and skilled in construction management and design and build roles. Reputed for our services in and around Houston, we are also passionate about our accomplishments and what we can do. Regardless of the size and scope of your parking lot project, we are honest, dependable, and always working to provide the best service possible, from completing work within deadlines to implementing the latest top technology and tools.

We’re also the right choice for your concrete parking lot installation, repair, and maintenance because we are:

  • A business with over 30 years of experience
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A-rated by the BBB

Every job comes with a one-year labor and materials guarantee. For details on this, parking lot installation by Houston concrete contractors, and more from one of the top concrete companies in Houston, Texas, continue browsing our website. Call us at 713.254.1703 for more information and a free estimate today!