A collection of images showing hard-to-clean spills and stains on different carpet floors. Headaches such as these can be avoided by switching your flooring material to concrete using a professional concrete flooring contractor such as Cross Construction Services in Houston, TX.

Why You Should Ditch Your Carpet and Upgrade to Concrete Floors

When you want to switch flooring and replace the carpeting in your home, you have a wide range of flooring options to choose from, including tile, laminate, hardwood, and concrete. That’s right. You can replace your carpeting with concrete. Not many people even realize they can use concrete as an alternative to other flooring types.

However, in more recent years, concrete floors are becoming more popular and trendy. You can even have them finished with stamping, coloring, and other options that provide even more flexibility to have great-looking floors in your house.

Why Concrete Floors?

  • Concrete is a versatile material that lasts a long time. When installed correctly, you will most likely never have to replace your concrete floors.
  • Another advantage to concrete floors is they are easier to clean and sanitize. You don’t have to worry about spills, stains, and dirt getting tracked across the floor like you do with carpeting.
  • Concrete is also easy to maintain and does not require steam and deep cleaning like carpeting. You sweep it off with a dust mop, damp mop it, and then let it air dry. Other than that, you have it resealed every three to five years.
  • Concrete will not fade and wear like carpeting does in high-traffic areas. Concrete is durable to handle any amount of foot traffic and maintain its appearance.
  • Probably one of the best reasons to choose concrete floors is they are easy to resurface whenever you want to change their look. With carpeting, you have to tear it out if you want to update the flooring with something new.

Concrete vs. Other Types of Flooring

A beautiful modern living room and kitchen area with a concrete floor. If you are looking to remodel your home flooring material to concrete, a professional concrete flooring contractor such as Cross Construction Services in Houston, TX.

When you are considering other types of flooring, even these cannot beat the benefits you gain when you have concrete flooring installed in your home.

Hardwood Flooring

Granted, one of the selling points of natural hardwood flooring is it is a fully recyclable material that looks beautiful when installed correctly.

Yet, you might be surprised to learn that concrete flooring is also a fully recyclable material that can look just as beautiful with the right finishing options and proper installation. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about the difficulties associated with keeping natural hardwood flooring clean, let alone potential damage that could occur from accidental spills and water.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

: A cracked ceramic tile flooring, as ceramic is less durable and harder to repair than concrete, switching your home flooring material to concrete using a professional concrete flooring contractor such as Cross Construction Services in Houston (TX) is a great way to save money over the long term.

If you are considering ceramic tile flooring, each tile has to be glued into place. You also have to use grout in between the tiles to keep them from shifting. While tile flooring is easy to clean, it can be harder to maintain long-term.

The grout can crack, fall out, and attract dirt, mold, and mildew, so you have to replace the grout every few years. As you can imagine, this is a major undertaking because you have to remove the grout from the entire floor and replace it.

Another issue with ceramic tile flooring is that it can be easily damaged. For example, you drop a heavy object and crack and break several tiles. You would need to carefully remove the grout around the tiles, then the tiles, and install new ones without damaging the surrounding tiles.

With a concrete floor, it is very durable even when you accidentally drop heavy objects on it. Even if you chip or crack the concrete, it is easy to fix by simply resurfacing the affected area.

Linoleum/Vinyl Flooring

The problem with these flooring types is that you have to glue the flooring to the subflooring. If you do not use the right amount of glue, it won’t stick. This can lead to bubbles underneath the flooring.

Another disadvantage is that the flooring is made from softer materials, making it easier to scuff, cut, and scrape. Furthermore, if you are using linoleum or vinyl planks, you must carefully line each one up to ensure it is sealed to prevent water from getting underneath and causing the subflooring to rot.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice when you want a natural hardwood flooring look and feel, but not the cost. However, most people are surprised to learn that concrete flooring is also an economical option.

Installing laminate flooring can be a real pain if you do not know what you are doing. You have to ensure each of the tiles is properly secured to each other. Otherwise, the floor can buckle. In addition, you have to use the right cleaning products to maintain its appearance.

Worst of all, if one tile gets damaged, you may have to remove large sections of the flooring just to replace the one tile. When you do, it is easy to snap and break the parts of the tiles that connect to each other, damaging even more tiles.

Upgrading to Concrete Flooring

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to upgrading your flooring to concrete flooring. If you are ready to get rid of carpeting in your Houston area home, we can help. Cross Construction Services offers a variety of concrete flooring options and services. Call us at 713-254-1703 to request a free quote today!

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