A team of professional concrete contractors, such as Cross Construction Services in Houston (TX), working on a concrete backyard.

What to Ask a Concrete Contractor Before Hiring Them

Whether you need a new concrete driveway, a concrete patio, or any other concrete work around your home or business, you must know what to ask a concrete contractor before hiring them. Not taking the time to ask questions from potential contractors is a huge mistake. After all, you want to ensure that your concrete project will be completed on time and within budget.

Some of the questions to ask your concrete contractor include:

#1. Do you do the work yourself or hire outside contractors?

When you hire a concrete contractor, you want to make sure they will be doing the work themselves or with the assistance of their employees. You do not want them to subcontract your job to outside contractors.

#2. Who will manage the project? You or another of your employees?

Your next important question is who is going to be managing your project. You want the contractor you hire to manage it or one of their employees with the expertise to do the job.

#3. Will you obtain any necessary permits for my project?

An experienced contractor will always obtain any necessary permits for your project on your behalf.

#4. Do you provide a written estimate that does not have any hidden costs?

Two professional concrete contractors, such as Cross Construction Services in Houston (TX), discussing a residential concrete project.

This important question should raise red flags if they will not provide you with a written estimate without any hidden costs. Your estimate should detail the work to be performed along with a breakdown of the materials and labor required.

#5. What sort of warranties and guarantees do you provide for your work?

You want some sort of warranty or guarantee about the concrete services provided should there be any issues after completing the job.

#6. Are you licensed and insured, and what amount of liability insurance do you have?

It is a good idea to hire a concrete contractor who is licensed and insured with sufficient liability insurance in case of an accident, injuries, or damage to your home or business.

#7. Will you provide a written contract?

A written contract is a must-have for any type of project. It should provide details about the concrete work to be performed, an estimated project completion date, and allowances for inclement weather that cause delays. It should also contain recourse for you should the project not be completed as promised.

#8. Do you have a portfolio of projects you have completed?

A team of professional concrete contractors, such as Cross Construction Services in Houston (TX), finishing up a concrete backyard project.

A portfolio of pictures of previous work gives you insight into the contractor’s quality of work. You can also get an idea of the type of concrete work they have experience with.

#9. Do you have a list of residential and commercial references?

A reliable concrete contractor should be willing to provide you with a list of residential and commercial references for you to contact. When contacting references, make sure to ask them what their impressions are of the contractor and whether they delivered high-quality work.

#10. How many years have you been in the concrete/construction industry?

It is crucial to hire a contractor who has the experience you need. The longer they have been working in the industry, the better.

#11. How will you reinforce the concrete for my project?

You want to make sure concrete is reinforced using the appropriate methods, such as using rebar.

#12. What are the payment terms?

You need to know how the contractor expects to be paid for your concrete project. Most contractors will usually not demand full payment until the project is completed. However, some may ask for a small deposit upfront. If they require payment in full upfront, look for another contractor.

#13. Do you offer complete project management services?

When you have a major project, it is often best to have a single contractor managing the entire project, even when you require different types of services. For example, suppose you are putting a room addition on your home. In that case, your concrete contractor may be able to oversee the entire project even when using other contractors to build the addition.

#14. How soon can you start?

Keep in mind, the availability of concrete contractors will fluctuate throughout the year. From late spring to early fall, most contractors will be rather busy, so expect delays of several weeks to a month or longer. Never look at a delayed start date as a setback. You want your contractor to give your project 110%, not be distracted by trying to complete multiple projects simultaneously.

Finding the Best Concrete Contractor

By taking the time to ask these questions when hiring a concrete contractor, you are sure to find the best contractor to complete your project. For exceptional residential and commercial concrete services in Houston, please feel free to contact Cross Construction Services at 713-254-1703 to request a free, no-obligation project estimate today!

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