Ways to Accessorize a Patio

Many homeowners underutilize their patios. The truth is, even if you have a small patio, you can accessorize it to add comfort and function. From adding patio covers to elements of nature, to cooking areas and places to lounge, you can accessorize your patio to make it your own personal retreat. Enclosing your patio can let you, your family, and guests enjoy outdoor living with all the amenities you enjoy indoors—but, first, here are some great ways to spruce up your outdoor area.

Keep the Nature

Any outdoor space, even if you turn it into a room, can become more vibrant and beautiful with greenery. Potted plants and in-ground greenery such as plants, shrubs, and even trees for shade can improve your patio experience. Trees can also provide a sense of shelter and exclusion, so they are a great addition to just about any type of patio.



Add Furniture

Furnishing a patio is a subject that’s in a league of its own. You want to accommodate family and guests, so it makes sense to have stylish furniture such as tables and chairs where everyone can sit, converse, and eat and drink. Create a laid-back vibe with artsy chairs. A stone table and café-style chairs can be great if your patio is in an unspoiled natural setting. Porch swings (or even sofa swings), hammocks, benches, and pool chairs can help make the patio the most comfortable spot in your home.


Make It Cozy

Add pillows to snuggle up. Larger floor pillows can add spice and color, while rugs can contribute to the color scheme and overall design whether they blend in or contrast with other colors and patterns. A versatile area rug can make all the difference indoors and out.

Lighten the Mood

Lighting fixtures and candles brighten things up in the evening hours. They can also help create the desired mood, which is important for every patio, but more so for small spaces. The right kind of lighting can draw the eye vertically. You can use vertical lamps, hanging fixtures, hanging lights, ceiling lights, or landscape lighting. A large adjustable chandelier can serve as a centerpiece and functional accessory.



Focus on neutral colors if your primary goal is to have a relaxing patio, but don’t be afraid to get creative with color that goes with your décor. Blues and greens tend to work well with natural surroundings. Try experimenting with different combinations to create a truly unique and comfortable environment.


Add Privacy

The more enclosure you add, the more secluded your patio will feel. Privacy screens, curtains, and even shutters hinged to form a folding partition can fulfill this purpose. You can also thicken up the greenery around the perimeter to make your patio more private.


A pergola is a great way to add some shade. It can also provide a roof over your head to create a dining area or simply a place to relax. Pergolas work great for elevated seating areas, near pools, or to provide a mix of sunshine and shade, whether they’re placed strategically or have an open slatted design.



Outdoor Kitchen

It’s one thing to fire up the grill on your patio. Take this to a whole new level with a patio kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be as functional as their indoor counterparts. If you have the space, it’s possible to have a full kitchen with a stove, counter space, and bar-style seating. As far as design, there are no limits to the size, versatility, and function of an outdoor kitchen. You can even scale things down for a small patio.


Fire Pit

Fire pits come in many forms, from large permanent fixtures to portable units. Sitting around a fire pit can provide warmth, comfort, and lasting memories. The design possibilities are nearly unlimited. It doesn’t even need to be large and sophisticated; you can make your own fire pit scaled to any size of patio. Tree trunks (as wood fire pits), washing machine drums, flower pots, and even steel tire rims can be modified into some of these great fire pit ideas.



Patio Cover

Outdoor patio covers not only shield you from the sun during long summer days, but they can also provide the perfect setting for a barbecue, picnic, or party. A patio cover can be designed to match the architecture of your house and roof or serve as a roof itself. It can protect you from the rain, heat, and cold. Design choices include a solid roof or an open lattice structure that offers partial shade. The patio cover can be screened in or enclosed in glass or a plastic composite.


A cover can add new dimensions to patio designs. Retractable shades, sliding doors, and even ceiling fans for cooling can be added. Adding ductwork can provide heating and cooling from inside your home. A fully enclosed space enables privacy and enjoyment of entertainment features, such as television and sound systems.


Benefits of Patio Covers

Whether the kids enjoy an afternoon of play or family and friends gather for dinner under the patio cover, it can provide the following benefits:


  • Increased resale value: A quality patio cover can improve curb appeal and home value, as it can create more appeal to potential buyers in the future.
  • All-weather availability: Use your patio whether it’s sunny, raining, windy, or snowing; with durable materials, it will also last a long time.
  • Property protection: Shade protects your outdoor furniture from the sun’s UV rays, meaning it’s less likely to become faded or discolored.
  • Low maintenance: Compared to planting trees and shrubs for shade, a patio cover requires little maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your back yard.
  • Safety: Children, pets, visitors, and your entire family are protected against the elements, not to mention the sturdiness of a structure all can gather under.


Modern Patio Cover Install and Design


Cross Construction Services Installs Outdoor Patio Covers

Our experienced, dedicated team can help build concrete patios and patio covers that suit your design and style preferences. We can accommodate any level of function. Insulated materials are available, including aluminum and polycarbonate, and we can add elements such as gutters and sunscreens. The design possibilities are practically limitless. Our team is prepared to satisfy you and create a truly unique patio.


Set up a consultation, so we can determine how to properly size your patio and make it as functional as possible, by calling us at 713-254-1703 today. Also, feel free to contact us online to obtain a free project estimate.

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