Two storey house with a lawn and driveway

Home and business owners in Tomball depend on us for various concrete construction services. Our professional and dedicated team provides high-quality concrete driveway service for projects of any size and scope. At Cross Construction Services, we also install, repair, and remodel concrete parking lots, patios, sidewalks, and pool decks, providing free estimates and affordable solutions.


Full-Service Concrete Repair in Tomball, TX

Our concrete contractors are skilled at repairing cracked, chipped, faded, uneven, or broken concrete. A lack of sealing leaves concrete vulnerable to weathering and moisture damage. By applying polyurethane sealants or polymer-based resurfacers, our team can ensure your concrete surface is protected. We can also address retaining walls, drainage, hand railings, plumbing, and expansion joints.


Concrete Remodeling in Tomball, TX

Remodeling a concrete driveway or patio is a professional job. Delivering projects on time and on budget, we can manage HOA approvals and handle the fees while completing every step of the process. This includes breaking up and hauling away old concrete, addressing drainage issues, and using expansion joints. We also pour 3,000 PSI concrete at the appropriate thickness and in accordance with all city codes.


The Importance of Driveway Repair

When we provide concrete driveway repair in Tomball, TX, we leave your property looking new and refreshed. Driveway repair certainly improves curb appeal. It also resolves any safety hazards due to concrete leveling, cracking, and other damage issues that can lead to slip and fall accidents or tire damage. Our professionals ensure concrete driveways are safe, functional, and contribute to improved property value.


Call Cross Construction Services

Cross Construction Services handles the concrete construction needs of residential and commercial property owners in and around Houston, TX. For concrete services in Tomball, TX, and a free estimate, call us at 713-254-1703.