white and brown paint house with concrete driveway

When it comes to concrete driveway service, Cross Construction Services is the trusted name in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our experienced concrete contractors can take on concrete remodeling projects of any size, and we provide 24/7 concrete driveway repair in Missouri City, TX. We use 3,000 PSI concrete that remains durable and versatile over time.

Concrete Driveway Remodel and Repair

Whether it’s a concrete patio, parking lot, or driveway, our concrete company can provide a complete installation. We start at the very foundation of your property, removing grass and vegetation and stabilizing the soil so it is properly elevated. A solid concrete foundation means the surface will drain properly and will remain level.

We provide every type of concrete repair in Missouri City, TX. Our technicians ensure every square foot of concrete is level. Polyurethane sealants are used to fill cracks while polymer-based cement resurfacers can be applied to fix damage. We also address stains and crumbled concrete with the appropriate repairs.

Importance of Concrete Driveway Repair

Damaged concrete can create a serious safety hazard, especially if it isn’t even or level. We provide fast repairs, so your driveway or parking lot doesn’t pose risks for drivers or pedestrians. Our concrete contractors can address any issue caused by vehicular or foot traffic, temperature extremes, heavy rain, or ice, making any concrete surface even more versatile and durable.

Contact Cross Construction Services

We are available 24/7 to fix any concrete driveway, parking lot, or patio and provide the construction services to manage your remodel. Our concrete contractors are skilled and experienced and can ensure your concrete driveway lasts for 25 years or longer. Learn more or get a free estimate by calling 713-254-1703.