white and black lighted concrete houseResidential and commercial customers across the Houston area depend on us for concrete driveway service and other remodel and repair projects. Concrete is a highly durable and versatile material. It holds up well during Texas’s long, hot summers, compared to asphalt. When you need concrete repair in Baytown, TX, our concrete contractors can be counted on for quality work, punctuality, and delivery of each project on time and on budget.

Concrete Remodel and Repair in Baytown

Remodeling your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, or parking lot is a big job. Our team is experienced in concrete construction and can break out and haul away old concrete, shoot elevations for drainage, and install high-quality framing materials with minimal disruption. We install expansion joints, rebar on risers, and pour 3,000 PSI concrete in accordance with all city codes.

We also provide concrete repair, whether the surface looks worn or has become cracked, uneven, pitted, or completely broken up. Moisture damage can be repaired, and we can level your concrete to restore the surface to its previous condition. Home and business owners trust us for concrete driveway repair in Baytown, TX to fix any problem.

Why Repair a Concrete Driveway Quickly?

Damaged concrete isn’t only unsightly. It can be a safety hazard. A cracked, uneven, or broken surface can cause someone to trip or wear out car tires. It’s also noticeable to neighbors and potential home buyers, so driveway repair can boost safety as well as curb appeal. Your concrete will also last longer.

Call Cross Construction Services

We are known for high-quality, professional concrete services in Baytown, TX. Customers trust us to complete their projects, whether they need repairs or a new installation. We can fix any type of damage and work with your budget and timeline. To schedule service or get a quote, call 713-254-1703 today.