White and Blue Concrete House in Front of Road

Cross Construction Services is trusted for residential and commercial concrete services in the Houston, TX, area. We handle new concrete construction, remodeling, and repair in Deer Park. Residents depend on our experienced contractors for concrete driveway service with on-budget, on-time completion as well as help with HOA approvals. Our company is a BBB Accredited business and, in addition to driveways, handles concrete patios, slabs, floors, parking lots, and other concrete surfaces.

Concrete Surface Remodel and Repair in Deer Park, TX

If you require a complete remodeling project, our general contractors handle every step of the process. We can break out and haul away existing concrete, ensure proper drainage, frame out the area, install wooden expansion joints, and rebar on risers. In addition, we pour 3,000 PSI concrete up to 4 inches thick to ensure your driveway is functional and safe.

We’re also trusted for concrete repair in Deer Park, TX. The extreme weather in Texas takes a toll on concrete surfaces over time. While the material we install is durable, cracks, stains, and uneven portions of pavement can develop. When concrete begins to crumble, we can repair it as well. All the while, we can address drainage issues and apply sealant and resurfacers to protect your restored surfaces. The cause of damage is also corrected to prevent or reduce the risk of further problems.

Why Repair Your Driveway

Small cracks and miniscule pools of water after a rainstorm may not seem like a big deal. However, over time, the issue will get worse as it’s a sign concrete is deteriorating. Water entry, vehicular traffic, and wear and tear can lead to issues that threaten the structural integrity of your driveway, patio, or parking area. Large cracks and uneven ground can cause someone to trip or damage vehicle tires. Broken concrete is unsightly; repairing it can improve curb appeal and property value, restore safety, and resolve other issues it is associated with.

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Cross Construction Services is an honest, dependable, and reputable concrete repair and remodel company in Houston, TX. Customers in Deer Park can rely on our professionalism and 24/7 availability to solve whatever concrete problem they may have. To learn more about our services or request a free estimate, call us at 713-254-1703 today!