Concrete is a durable surface but time, rain, snow, ice, and other natural elements can cause it to crack and chip. Surfaces can also become uneven or sunken due to ground settlement. These imperfections can have a serious impact on the structural soundness of the concrete surface. Damaged concrete surfaces also pose a variety of risks, especially for pedestrians.

If you have a concrete surface that is in need of repair, choose Cross Construction Services for trusted concrete services in Houston.

Residential Services

Your home’s beauty starts long before you ever walk through the front door. Set the perfect ambiance for your home with a professionally laid concrete surface. The exterior look and feel of your home are important and, with concrete services from Cross Construction Services, you can make the most of your outdoor space.

We use quality concrete to construct new concrete driveways and patios. Add curbside appeal to your home with a new concrete driveway. Or, add low-maintenance outdoor living space with a quality concrete patio.

Our team is also experienced in providing concrete repair in Houston to renovate and repair damaged concrete driveways. With our concrete services, you can enjoy a more functional and beautiful home.

Commercial Services

Commercial locations often experience a lot of vehicular and foot traffic. This makes it even more important to use a durable surface that can withstand daily heavy usage, as well as exposure to natural elements. Concrete is a great material to use in order to maintain your business’s image and brand.

With our concrete services, you can improve your business’s outdoor spaces. We offer many commercial concrete services, including the installation of driveways and parking lots. You can also trust our professional concrete contractors for concrete repair, sidewalk leveling and repairs, and even stormwater drainage system improvements.

Other Concrete Services

Aside from residential and commercial services, we also offer concrete assessment and correction. Whether you’re looking for a concrete evaluation, a subgrade assessment, or a safety hazard evaluation, you can count on Cross Construction Services.

We’re the Go-To Concrete Experts

Whether you’re interested in driveway repair, a new concrete patio, or some other kind of concrete construction, you can depend on Cross Construction Services. We’re proud to offer concrete driveway repair in Houston, TX, along with many other concrete services.

As concrete experts, you can have peace of mind that you’ll receive nothing less than the highest quality work. Our team is trained and experienced in providing close attention to details so that the best services can be delivered to each of our customers.

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