Cross Construction Services specializes in building, repairing, and remodeling concrete patios for homeowners in Houston. Thanks to our professional team of contractors, you can expect accurate quotes, punctual service, and projects completed on time and on budget. For complex and even the most simple concrete patio design ideas, we manage the entire process, from HOA approval to removing existing concrete, adjusting elevations, and framing, to treating wood, placing rebar, and pouring 3,000 PSI concrete.

Concrete Patio Designs and Layouts

Our contractors can help you design a concrete patio that accommodates your home and the needs of your family. If you need ideas, our professionals can show you concrete patio ideas and pictures.

Also feel free to browse our examples of concrete patios in Houston and elsewhere that we’ve built. We can help determine placement and layout depending on how you plan to use the patio, whether you intend it for dining, cooking, entertaining, or sunbathing. In many cases, it’s easier to break the patio up into smaller rooms to accommodate multiple uses and larger groups of people.

We help our customers the following designs:

  • Modern: High-quality concrete is combined with industrial materials and other modern elements.
  • Old World: Concrete with a worn look, with stone finishes and warm colors, helps attain this quality.
  • Traditional: Stone and brick can be used for your pathways, complementing concrete patios in Houston.
  • Rustic: Surrounding your concrete patio with earth tones and rustic architecture yields an older, ranch-like feel.
  • Tropical: For an oceanside home, we can integrate sandy hues, turquoise themes, and other beachy elements.

Please note, at this time, we also offer the following services:

  • Flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Decorative Stamping, Staining, Patterns, or Acid Washing

New Concrete Patio

Front or Backyard Patios

Whether you’re looking to have a patio installed in front of your home or in the back, we can accommodate the available space no matter the size. Our contractors can work with functional concrete patio ideas for small backyards. Efficient use of space and attention to the fine details yield attractive and efficient results. We can build screened-in enclosures to create cozy patio rooms. Whatever your expectations in terms of size, scope, or budget, Cross Construction Services can accommodate you.

Concrete Patio Covers

Options include an open lattice roof to let in light yet allow for some shade, or a solid roof that fully protects against light and precipitation. We can build patios with the size and height you need that can accommodate different types of furniture and equipment. Sliding doors, retractable shades, ductwork, and ceiling fans can be added as well.

A Leader in Concrete Patios in Texas

Cross Construction Services (CCS Concrete Driveways) can build the patio of your dreams and adhere to all local building codes. Our contractors are building experts and can help work with creative concepts such as backyard stamped concrete patio ideas. For examples of our finished results and concrete patio finishes, pictures are available on our website in our Projects section, or you can contact us online by email at, or call 713-254-1703 for assistance.

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