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Cross Construction Services provides concrete driveway repair in Sienna Plantation, TX. Our concrete contractors can work with your remodeling plans and complete every project on time and on budget. A BBB Accredited company, we provide concrete installation and repair for any home or business.

Our Concrete Services

We offer a full range of concrete services in Sienna Plantation, TX. Our contractors can remodel your driveway, break out existing concrete, and haul it away. When installing concrete surfaces, we do elevation work to ensure proper drainage, use high-quality materials for frame out, and pour 3,000 PSI concrete for the best results. All work is done in compliance with local building codes.

Concrete repair in Sienna Plantation, TX, is provided when your driveway is uneven, develops cracks or gaps, or shows other signs of wear or damage. When drainage problems or issues with joints or retaining walls occur, we address them quickly. We even apply sealants and resurfacers to protect your concrete.

Why Repairing Your Driveway Is So Important

Your driveway is used every day. Repairing it can not only improve curb appeal and property value, but also your safety. Uneven, broken concrete can cause people to trip and get hurt. Leaving concrete in disrepair allows water to seep in and cause additional damage. By fixing your concrete driveway, it can last much longer.

Call Cross Construction Services

Our contractors in Sienna Plantation can be reached 24/7. They can help with remodeling and are experienced with all aspects of concrete installation and repair. From site preparation to resurfacing, you can trust us for quality service for concrete patios, pool decks, and driveways. Call 713-254-1703 to request a free estimate or request concrete services in Sienna Plantation, TX.