modern house with long concrete driveway

Serving the entire Houston area, Cross Construction Services can remodel and repair any driveway, whether for a single-family home or a commercial establishment such as an office or shopping center. We offer the most professional concrete driveway service in the area. From installation to concrete repair in Brookshire, TX, our company is trusted to keep concrete surfaces safe and looking like new.

Concrete Driveways and Concrete Services

We are committed to high-quality customer service whether you are considering a remodel or are in need of concrete repair. During a concrete driveway installation, we remove all grass and vegetation on the site and stabilize the soil foundation. Elevations are adjusted as necessary so there’s proper drainage. We pour 3,000 PSI concrete that is durable, versatile, and long-lasting.

When you need concrete repair, our concrete services in Brookshire are available 24/7. We can fix any type of damage, whether concrete has stained, cracked, or crumbled. Polyurethane sealants can be applied to protect your driveway, or we can use polymer-based cement resurfacers. Our concrete contractors are experienced in all types of repairs.

The Importance of Driveway Repair

Driveways are subject to a good deal of wear and tear in any environment. Cars and trucks can cause concrete to break down. Extreme weather is another factor. High heat, extreme cold, heavy rain, and freeze/thaw cycles can take a toll over time. When concrete becomes cracked or uneven, it can pose safety hazards for people and vehicles.

Call Cross Construction Services

Providing concrete driveway installation, repair, leveling, and other concrete services in Brookshire, our company can ensure your driveway is safe and functional We remodel and repair patios, sidewalks, and driveways. To learn more, schedule a free estimate, or request 24/7 emergency service, call 713-254-1703 today!