Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveway – Which Is Right for You?

The driveway is often the first thing you see when arriving at a property. Whether the property in question is your own home, your business, or some other location, having a clean and well-maintained driveway is always desirable. If you have a driveway installation project on your radar, you’ll need to select between asphalt and concrete for the material of choice.

Let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons which may help you make that decision. Of course, if you already know the difference between asphalt and concrete driveways and are ready to make your decision—or would like some help doing so—please contact Cross Construction Services right away for assistance.

Lifespan – Think of the Big Picture

With any kind of construction project, whether residential or commercial, it’s always smart to keep the big picture in mind. If you become too focused on the near term, you might wind up making a decision that doesn’t really work out as you hoped over the long term.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that the lifespan of a concrete driveway is likely to outlast the lifespan of an asphalt driveway, all things being equal.


Installation – Patience Required

Concrete may wind up lasting longer down the road, but you will need to wait a bit longer after the job is finished to drive on it. Where asphalt driveways can be driven on shortly after the job is finished, you may need to wait as long as a week to drive onto your new concrete driveway. Of course, that fits right in with our previous point on thinking about the big picture.

A week of parking elsewhere during your concrete driveway installation won’t seem like that big of a deal once it’s all said and done and your new driveway is ready to use.


Cost of Repair – The Maintenance Component

As you consider how much it is going to cost to put in a new driveway, you need to think about the ongoing maintenance in addition to the upfront cost. It is true that concrete driveways often cost more to install than asphalt, but they generally require less maintenance once the work is done.

That being the case, it’s possible that you’ll wind up spending less money overall in typical concrete driveway repair costs by avoiding the extra maintenance that may be required on an asphalt driveway. In addition to the cost factor, there is also the inconvenience that comes along with having to do regular maintenance as the years go by.

Curb Appeal – How’s It Look?

The visual appeal of a concrete driveway vs. asphalt driveway is something that is hard to quantify. When installed properly by an experienced contractor, concrete driveways can be visually attractive and add to the overall appearance of the property. Of course, some people will like the look of asphalt as well, although it doesn’t tend to bring as much character to the space.

If you would like to choose concrete for your upcoming driveway project, please contact Cross Construction Services right away at (713) 254-1703 or visit our contact page. We can schedule your job or answer any questions you may have about what we offer. Thanks for visiting and we are excited to serve you!