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Cross Cross Construction Services is the most trusted commercial driveway and parking lot repair company in Houston, Texas. Commercial property owners and local businesses know the condition of their driveways and parking lots can affect their safety and reputability. When it comes to commercial driveway repair, local businesses know they can trust our experts for free estimates, quality results, and acute attention to detail.

Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete is an often-preferred alternative to gravel or asphalt. Despite its higher cost, customers choose commercial grade concrete for its versatility, durability, and longevity. A concrete installation can potentially last for 25+ years. By investing in commercial driveway repair, a concrete surface can remain in peak condition, so you can put off the cost of replacing it for quite some time.

While concrete is an excellent investment, the aggregate of sand, crushed rock, and cement can develop gaps, cracks, and unevenness over time. Fortunately, our solutions include fixing broken, crumbled, or stained concrete surfaces and applying polyurethane sealants to protect concrete. When you need commercial concrete repair in Houston, you can count on Cross Construction Services for the best solutions on the market.

Houston commercial property owners depend on us for services including:

Concrete Parking Lot Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

Our commercial parking lot contractors can address the many problems that can occur. Whether concrete has worn over time, has been damaged by a vehicular collision, or has degraded surfaces that have contributed to an injury, collision, or other damage, we can help. We can address cracked concrete, potholes, uneven surfaces, or gaps in concrete surfaces. If you’re looking for parking lot sealcoating near Houston, our team can apply a sealant that can protect concrete from abuse and the elements for years to come.

We can also provide a detailed assessment to determine the type of concrete parking lot repair you may need. Safety hazard evaluations and subgrade assessments can be performed to evaluate the exact condition of your parking lot. Using the latest technology and tools, our skilled concrete contractors can complete repairs or resurfacing after providing you with an accurate parking lot resurfacing estimate.

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Commercial Driveway Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

As durable as concrete is, daily vehicle traffic and exposure to the elements can take a toll. Our commercial concrete driveway contractors employ installation techniques to help concrete last longer.

A multi-step process is used for installation:

First, our commercial driveway repair professionals remove any grass or vegetation to stabilize the soil foundation. We then level the driveway, install framing materials, and pour 3,000 psi concrete while meeting all spacing and sizing requirements. The result is a solution much more durable and long-lasting than asphalt pavement.

Our Houston concrete contractors can protect driveways with sealants or resurface them with polymer-based cement. Even if there are problems with drainage, expansion joints, or retaining walls, we can assess the condition of your driveway and determine the proper course of action. Plumbing factors and problems involving accessories such as hand railings can be addressed as well.

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Our parking lot contractors can replace, resurface, repair, clean, and otherwise maintain concrete parking lots. Area businesses can also rely on us for commercial driveway repair, for projects of any size, as well as professional installation and maintenance services in Houston. We provide the highest quality commercial concrete services, installing long-lasting parking lots and driveways while accommodating your budget.

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