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Advantages of Concrete Stairs, Steps & Walkways

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for more than driveways and patios. It can be formed in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it the perfect choice for residential stairs, steps, and walkways.

Some of the many advantages of concrete stairs, steps, and walkways homeowners enjoy include:

#1: Concrete is an affordable material.

When comparing the costs of other materials used to construct stairs, steps, and walkways, concrete provides a budget-friendly solution. The materials required to make concrete are low cost and are also readily available, such as aggregates, cement, and water.

#2: Concrete can be shaped when it is poured.

Concrete is in a liquid state when it is poured. As such, it can be shaped by using different casting and forming methods and molds. For example, when pouring a walkway, you can have sections that are straight or curved, wide or narrow, simply by altering the shape of the cast.

#3: Concrete cures and hardens at normal temperatures.

You do not need to heat or cool concrete to get it to cure and harden. It does so naturally at normal outdoor temperatures. Concrete can be poured outdoors in the fall and winter as long as temperatures do not dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

#4: Concrete is a water-resistant material.

Once the concrete hardens and cures, it is very water-resistant. Wood stairs and steps can gradually rot. In comparison, steel stairs and steps can slowly rust away. Concrete can even remain submerged underwater and not deteriorate. This is why so many in-ground pools are made from concrete.

#5: Different finishing options available.

A modern home with a beautiful concrete driveway, if you are looking for a high quality concrete driveway construction company in Houston, look no further than Cross Construction Services.

Concrete can be finished using various options that allow you to put your own personal touches on stairs, steps, walkways, etc. Concrete can be stamped, stained, and acid washed.

However, most people prefer the simplistic charm of concrete as-is when paired with the appropriate accessories. For example, a gray concrete staircase can look rather elegant when using black steel railings with gold or silver accents.

#6: Very little and minimal maintenance is required.

When you compare concrete to other materials, it has one of the lowest maintenance requirements. Wood stairs and steps need to be resealed frequently to prevent rotting. Steel stairs and steps also need to have rust removed and be repainted to protect the steel from corrosion.

With concrete, once it is cured and sealed, you are pretty much set for the next several years. All you have to do is sweep the concrete off to remove dust and dirt. You can also spray exterior applications off with a garden nozzle—no pressure washer needed!

The only maintenance required is to have the concrete resealed every three to five years and take care of any cracks that may develop as the concrete ages.

#7: Concrete can be reinforced with steel to make it even stronger.

A steel reinforced concrete floor for a patio, if you are looking for an affordable concrete patio contractor in Houston, look no further than Cross Construction Services.

If you have ever seen concrete roads being poured, you will notice steel rebar being set in the concrete. This is done because the steel helps reinforce the concrete to make it more durable and stronger.

For residential applications, including steel rebar in stairs, steps, and walkways ensures they will last a very long time and can withstand heavier weight loads.

#8: Concrete is heat-resistant.

Unlike asphalt, which can become very pliable and soft during the hot Texas summers, concrete retains its shape and hardness. Additionally, since concrete is typically a light color, it does not absorb heat like black-colored asphalt.

#9: Concrete is more energy-efficient than other materials.

Concrete mixing and pouring have a very low energy consumption compared to other materials. Wood and steel production use anywhere from three to ten more times the energy. So, if you want to help conserve energy, concrete is an excellent choice for your home’s stairs, steps, and walkways.

#10: Concrete is an environmentally friendly material.

A concrete walkway in front of a home, if you are looking for a trusted concrete walkway construction company in Houston, look no further than Cross Construction Services.

Another advantage of concrete stairs, steps, and walkways is they can be recycled and reused when they wear out. Instead of having to source new materials, the existing stairs, steps, and walkways can be turned into aggregate and mixed in with cement to make new concrete stairs, steps, and walkways. So, essentially, you can recycle concrete endlessly, making it a very eco-friendly material.

#11: Casting concrete can be done onsite.

If you want specific shapes, you do not have to wait to have those made and transported to your home. The shapes you desire can be poured and cast onsite at your home.

#12: Concrete can be used indoors or outdoors.

When most people think of using concrete for residential applications, they may only think of exterior applications like driveways, steps, stairs, walkways, patios, etc. However, concrete can also be used inside as a flooring material, for stairs and steps, countertops, and other such applications.

Discover the Many Possibilities of Residential Concrete Applications

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