An acid stain concrete patio floor with rain effect finishes, if you are looking for a trusted concrete constructor that does acid stain concrete in Houston, look no further than Cross Construction Services.

Acid Stain Concrete Patio Floors for a Unique Look

Patio floors can look plain and boring when they are poured using the traditional gray concrete color. Homeowners are discovering they can transform their concrete patio floors into unique and stunning designs with acid-stained concrete.

What Is Acid Stained Concrete?

The acid staining process involves creating a chemical reaction using inorganic salts, water, and acid. When you mix these things, the chemical reaction penetrates into the concrete to cause its appearance to change. Acid staining can be applied to freshly poured concrete, existing concrete, colored concrete, or even old concrete surfaces to give them a new look.

When applying acid staining to old concrete, it is highly recommended any repairs are made, such as fixing cracks beforehand. Once the repairs are made, the acid- based stain can be applied. The concrete will still react chemically to give you a newly beautified concrete surface.

What Else Can Be Acid Stained Besides Patio Floors?

Besides acid-washed concrete patio floors, acid staining can be applied to any outdoor concrete surface, including concrete slabs, concrete floors, concrete driveways, and stamped concrete. You can also apply acid staining to interior concrete floors.

Your outdoor surfaces are not your only option either. Any concrete used inside or outside your home can be acid-washed. Interior stained concrete floors are becoming a popular choice for homeowners in place of tile, marble, granite, and hardwood flooring.

Basically, anything made of concrete can be acid-stained, such as:

  • Concrete Staircases
  • Concrete Balconies
  • Concrete Decks
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Concrete Garage Floors
  • Concrete Pool Decks
  • Concrete Door and Window Trim
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Porches
  • Concrete Planters
  • Concrete Railings

What Does Acid Stained Concrete Look Like?

An acid stain concrete patio floor with wood-like finishes, if you are looking for a high quality concrete construction company that does acid stain concrete in Houston, look no further than Cross Construction Services.

The results will vary based on the minerals present in the concrete. No two concrete surfaces will look identical after applying the stain to them. This is what makes acid staining unique from other concrete finishing options.

Typically, you will notice the concrete transforms into a marble-like or granite-like finish with variegated and mottled patterns. So, people visiting your home or business will think your concrete floors are marble or granite.

In addition, color patterns emerge and create various shades and underlying color tones that further add to acid-stained concrete’s charm. The colors vary based on the minerals used in the concrete mix.

However, if you want to bring out a specific color, various colored acid stains are available. Common colors you can find with acid stains include:

  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • Terra Cotta
  • Navy Blue
  • Brownish-Orange

After applying acid staining, a concrete sealer should be applied to seal the concrete surface and protect it.

Benefits of Acid Staining Concrete

Acid staining concrete has several benefits, including:

#1: No two floors will look the same.

The staining process is directly related to the chemical reaction within the concrete and the types of minerals used. As a result, your acid-stained concrete floor will be unique and original with a pattern that cannot be replicated.

#2: Concrete flooring is a cost-effective and affordable flooring solution.

The costs of having concrete surfaces poured and acid staining it is far lower than the costs of having other types of flooring installed. To give you an idea of how affordable acid-stained concrete floor is, look at solid hardwood, marble, or granite flooring costs.

#3: Concrete flooring is easy to maintain.

Interior stained concrete floors just require sweeping with periodic mopping to remove dust, dirt, and debris. You only need to use a mild soap that removes dirt when wet mopping. Unlike other flooring that can require waxing, restaining, and conditioning, concrete-stained floors only require to be resealed periodically to maintain their gorgeous appearance.

Outdoor acid-stained concrete is also easy to clean by sweeping it off with a broom or using a garden hose and nozzle to spray off dirt, debris, grass clippings, and leaves. You should never pressure wash stained concrete because the pressure washer can remove the concrete sealer that protects the stained concrete.

#4: Stained concrete provides a sense of luxury and elegance.

You can transform any area in your home or business for an upscale look and appearance. Your guests will not believe your flooring is acid-stained concrete. They will think it is granite or marble flooring.

#5: Concrete flooring promotes better indoor air quality.

Sealed acid-stained concrete floors make it difficult for anything to stick to them. Dirt, pet dander, pet hair, pathogens, dust mites, allergens, and dust will not remain on your flooring when it is cleaned. With regular cleaning, the indoor air quality in your home is better.

#6: Concrete flooring is durable and eco-friendly.

Concrete lasts a lifetime with proper cleaning and maintenance. Should it ever wear out, it is one of the easiest materials to recycle. The existing concrete is ground down and remixed into new concrete. So, essentially, concrete flooring can be used again and again.

#7: Acid staining concrete has residential and commercial applications.

Homeowners are not the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of acid-stained concrete. There are endless commercial applications too. For example, apartment communities could have concrete sidewalks and stairways acid-washed.

Restaurants could save a fortune on dining room flooring by having acid-stained concrete floors installed. Office buildings can attract high-end tenants since the stained concrete flooring looks like marble or granite. Anything that is made from concrete in a commercial environment can be acid-washed.

Give Your Concrete Surfaces a New Look Today

If you have concrete surfaces around your home or business and want to enhance their appearance, you should consider the benefits you can gain with acid staining concrete. To learn more about this process and acid color choices and to request a free estimate, please feel free to contact Cross Construction Services at 713-254-1703 today!

We also provide concrete installation, repair, and maintenance services in the Greater Houston Area.

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