Three Driveway Ideas for Summer


Summer is the perfect time to pave your driveway. There’s no snow or ice to deal with. Concrete can also tolerate the heat better than asphalt, so the summer months are perfect for completing your driveway paving project. Scheduling work now with our Houston concrete contractors at Cross Construction Services can have many benefits, including:


  • Making your property look sharp
  • Improving property value
  • Eliminating the effects of aging
  • Erasing the effects of sun exposure
  • Restoring function, safety, and convenience


Sealing can improve moisture resistance, while cracks and sunken slabs can warrant not just repairs, but complete replacements if your driveway is more than 20 years old.


If you’re considering a complete refurbishment of your driveway and concrete around your property, you may want to consider one of these three ideas Houston concrete contractors can help with:


Upgrade Private Dirt Roads


If your home has a dirt driveway or is served by a private dirt road, your vehicle will regularly encounter dirt, pebbles, and airborne rocks. Many rural homeowners use gravel. It is affordable to lay and maintain but requires frequent upkeep. Plus, such an environment can take a toll on your car’s paint finish and even its engine and air filter. The dust that gets thrown into the air can also affect your respiratory health, not to mention cause persistent eye irritation.


The solution: Pave your private driveway. With a solid concrete surface, the amount of dirt and dust around your property can be reduced or eliminated. A paved private road not only improves the appearance of your home. It can even increase your property value, so you can recoup much of the costs in a real estate sale.


There are many advantages to upgrading an aggregate driveway. Aggregate can be unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians, especially when rutting becomes a problem. Snow removal can be difficult (gravel can do a number on snowplows too). These are just a few incentives to pave your driveway or private access road.



Build a Storage Area for Your RV, Trailer, or Boat


Owning a recreational vehicle is an investment. Whether you love going on long camping trips or taking your boat out on the water, there’s more than just fun times. You want your vehicle to look good. Dirt driveways can leave your RV, trailer, or boat looking dusty. Gravel, rocks, and pebbles can create clusters of dings, leaving your vehicle looking unsightly and potentially leading to further surface damage and rust. It can also affect your RVs tires and make it potentially unsafe to drive.


By paving your driveway or storage area, you can have a much safer, more enjoyable weekend escape. You can also protect your investment. It can look like new and last longer without the effects of dust and rocks that can do quite a bit of damage. Parking an RV in your yard is not prohibited by federal law, although you’d have to check with local regulations and Homeowner’s Associations.

If you do store your RV, boat, or trailer on your property, and there are no regulations prohibiting it, updating the driveway is a good idea. An RV can even be used to accommodate guests or provide utilities during an afternoon outing in your backyard. Concrete storage can, therefore, be as useful as concrete patios.



Replace an Asphalt Driveway or Upgrade Your Concrete One


Some homeowners choose asphalt because it is quick to install and relatively easy to maintain and repair. However, it does not hold up well in high heat. Asphalt is also prone to damage, which can reduce its longevity. Oils can even collect on the surface, sticking to tires and shoes. You can eliminate the mess and inconvenience by installing a concrete driveway.

Concrete companies in Houston like Cross Construction Services can help you take advantage of the benefits of concrete. Lasting up to 30 years,1 a concrete driveway can afford greater curb appeal while being available with different colors and design options. It also reflects heat rather than absorbs it. The surface will therefore not be as hot in the summer. Plenty of light is reflected as well, compared to asphalt, so your driveway lighting requirements may be reduced. Concrete driveways can reduce energy costs.


Whether you’re storing a car or RV in your driveway, concrete can handle the load. Even if your existing concrete installation is starting to show its age, you can refurbish it. New sealing, the addition of contraction joints, and the leveling of sunken concrete can eliminate hazards and extend the life of your driveway.



Cross Construction Services Can Help with Driveway Ideas

Widely known for patio services, our Houston concrete contractors can help bring your driveway ideas to reality. Our experienced professionals can provide concrete installation while tending to factors such as soil stabilization, elevation, and drainage. Driveway repair is performed with advanced materials such as polyurethane sealants and polymer-based cement resurfacers. Cracked, crumbled, or stained concrete can be refurbished, while sunken concrete can be leveled by conducting a subgrade assessment and making the proper repairs.


To receive help with patio ideas or learn more about our concrete driveway installation and repair services, including stripping, reinforcement, seal-coating, and raising, call Cross Construction Services at 713-254-1703 today for a free estimate.

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